Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sitting with my son while his heart was hurting yesterday evening was a very difficult moment. His pet, hunting companion and friend experienced the end of his life. Bullet was his name. He was a hunting companion of a sort. Being mostly lab, he was trained(but not perfect) to fetch ducks. My son commented yesterday as we sat holding back tears, "Well at least he fetched two of them."

Bullet had been battling that awful disease known as heart worms. It was very difficult for my son to watch his friend go through the manifestations of that inward killer. He loved his friend but did not like watching the effects of the disease upon his friend.

We sat, yesterday evening, not saying a whole lot. Me, fighting back the urge to burst into a full blown cry as my son did the same, all the while as I hurt to watch my son hurt so. I'll miss the dog for sure. But my pain was for my son and his pain. In our discourse, I reminded him that this was one of the effects of sin upon this earth and that what God had made was good. But I also reminded him that anytime we open ourselves up to love, we also open ourselves up to hurt. He agreed.

This makes me long for the day when death will be cast away for eternity. For with the passing of death, much sorrow and pain will pass as well.

Bullet--more than a pet--a friend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you haven't heard this news story about the Harvard Professor, HERE is a link to read about it.

So now, it is reported, that some are going to accuse the cop of "racial profiling". OH PULEASE! The report was that two "Black" men were forcing the door open. So are we supposed to run around looking for white men? Are we supposed to run around looking for Hispanics? Are we supposed to run around looking for Japanese? Good grief. If the report is that the men are black, we would look for, yep you guessed it, BLACK men. It isn't racial profiling as in assuming all black men are robbers. It is taking the reported description and matching that description with who is at the house.

In the words of an news reporter(John Stossel to be exact), give me a break.


Monday, July 6, 2009

UPDATE on Honduras

For those who think the Honduran Government went beyond its powers to oust the former President Zelaya, please watch the following video.

Our United States President is showing his true colors when he sided with Chavez to condemn the actions of the Honduran Government and that is because President Obama is sympathetic with socialistic dictators rather than true democratic forms of government.

I continue to pray that God will grant the Hondurans a leader who would truly have the people's best at heart. I continue to pray that God will grant the Hondurans freedom from tyranny and a lasting peace. May the Gospel of Jesus Christ continue to be spread throughout Hond

Friday, July 3, 2009


May God bless the United States of America. May He keep us free from the powers of tyranny. May He grant us wisdom to withstand the powers of tyranny. But especially may He grant to us victory in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May this Independence Day become the day of salvation for many that they may live lives independent from sin and its wages and may they become dependent upon our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Support of Honduras' New President

To the new Honduran President, some of us here in the United States SUPPORT you in your efforts to keep Socialism from controlling your country. Many of us here think it absolutely incredulous that President Obama has spoken against you. May I plainly state that he is only one man and has but one voice. He is NOT speaking for the entire population of our country. I urge you to continue to defend your nation's freedom from the tyranny of a dictator wanna-be. As our Nation celebrates Independence Day on July 4th, I pray that your country will remain independent from tyranny.