Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The immigration law of Arizona continues to make the news. Apparently, this professional basketball team thinks that their ability to dribble a ball makes them experts on what is good for our country. Taking their thoughts to a logical conclusion would lead to a basketball game where anything goes. I mean if we are not going to enforce laws ALREADY law but weakly enforced, then why should rules on the court be enforced? (Sarcasm Alert)The fact that you are supposed to dribble the ball while running across court discriminates against those who cannot! Think of the world we could open up if you could just run with the ball and knock others out of your way.

So a guy gets tasered at a baseball game. BIG DEAL!!! Better than rubber bullets right?! Well anyway, everyone who is second guessing the actions of the security need to take a brain check. The information known about the kid is known AFTER the fact, not during the sprint across the field. Had he pulled a knife or attacked one of the players, those same critics would have been complaining that the security had not done enough to protect the players. Once again, this is a case of someone doing something ILLEGAL and facing the consequences of it. Why can't people understand that CONSEQUENCES are a result of actions. If you don't want the consequences, don't do the action.

President Obama once again suffers from Joe Biden's loose lips disease. Apparently, Obama is growing more arrogant(or at least, undignified) towards those of us who oppose high taxes, big government and liberal social policy. Can you imagine the outcry if Bush had referred to the Taliban as raghe@ds? But really, it has less to do with "well if he can...I should be able to..." and rather points to the eroding of the dignity of the office which he holds. He cries foul when political groups are called unflattering names and yet he with the log in his own eye is trying to be an expert and point out the problems of others?

And one more item for the day and that concerns the oil spill. I think that the fact that we have not had a drilling rig/production platform spill in how many years in the Gulf demands our appreciation for those who have done their jobs so well. Granted, when an accident occurs in this field it is usually costly in terms of lives, livelihood and environment however, accidents of this nature are the anomaly for the Gulf of Mexico oil expeditions. I do hope that we could achieve a 100% perfect record but even as in space exploration, sooner or later, a usually insignificant(to the untrained eye) part fails and leads to a major catastrophe. Hopefully, we'll learn from this accident and have an even greater record of safety and production.