Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, Rep. Kennedy of Rhode Island is showing his true colors as well as that of the majority of the Democratic Party. You can find the entire article HERE. He is spewing a warning that those who are opposing ObamaCare are violent and dangerous. Why? Because he saw a sign that read, “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.” Now let us look at this quote VERY closely. It DOES NOT say bury Obama. The reference to burying Kennedy was Edward Kennedy who had recently died from a brain tumor. So even there, we are talking about burying someone who was already dead, not someone among the living. But here is where the rubber meets the road. Mr. Kennedy, WHERE was YOUR voice when a movie about assassinating G.W. Bush was being promoted? Mr. Kennedy, WHERE was YOUR voice when then Governor Palin and her family were attacked by the Democrats and the media? Or is it okay in your little Camelot to live by the adage, do as I say and not as I do!? Makes you a hypocrite Mr. Kennedy.

Kennedy then tries to equate the assassinations of his family members to the opposition of ObamaCare. I am not in any way happy to say that any of his family was assassinated but Mr. Kennedy is simply trying to drum up a false sympathy for ObamaCare as well as lump those who oppose it to assassins. In my life up to this point, I have never run across anyone who celebrated the assassinations of either of the Kennedys. I am not saying they do not exist but I am saying that if they do, they must be as rare as a budget surplus in the Obama administration.

And once again, all those who oppose Democrats and their ideas are lumped together as assassins. Mr. Kennedy, if we were assassins, there would not be a Democrat brave enough to open his mouth to espouse the liberal drivel that you do. But rest assured, we WILL oppose the ObamaCare plan and I WILL celebrate the day that the plan is buried.

Yes, it is unfortunate that your family has gone through the things that they have gone through. But what your family has gone through is NOTHING compared to what the good people of the United States will be put through by your hands if you and your ilk are successful in passing the legislation that you desire to pass.

Mr. Kennedy, why don't you try endorsing righteousness and opposing evil? Why don't you try exalting the right and punishing the evil? And so that I am completely clear about this, ObamaCare is evil. So it is not me that you have to be concerned about, it is my God who will return and sift out the evil and save the righteous and before His court, there will be no appeals.

**Corrected to change Ted to Edward in the first paragraph.**

Monday, September 28, 2009


You know, sometimes, you read an article and you shake your head saying, "no, this simply cannot be true". Hopefully, this article will be proven to have been false but I would not bet on it.

Representative Kennedy of Rhode Island wants those with STD's and abortions on their records to be able to have those kept out of the Health Care Database. So what he is really saying is this. If you are an immoral person, you need to be able to keep your health care secret. We only need to keep track of those darn moral people who believe sex is for marriage and children are a blessing.

Just another move by liberal democrats to seek to exercise complete control of all morality exalting the evil, while abhorring the good.

On a side note, extending the education day by 3 hours is another one of those attempts to completely brain wash your children and grandchildren. If the classroom time was actually being spent teaching the children reading comprehension, writing, math and science instead of learning songs to praise Obama, I'd be willing to bet that the test scores of our students would all go up.

WAKE UP Americans!!! Socialistic Fascism is on the move.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Nancy Pelosi is nothing but a hypocrite. Not ONCE was it ever reported that she spoke out against the members of her own party who publicly defamed and denounced Bush using rhetoric straight from the gutter. And NOW??? she wants to spew this type of hypocrisy. Read HERE. Puleeeease. Clean your own "House", pun intended, then tell me how to clean mine.

One step worse though is her banal attempt to distort the issue but not connecting it with racism this time but instead, attempting to connect disagreement with Obama to the homosexual movement of the 70's.

Nancy Pelosi, you need a teleprompter and a speech writer to prevent you from showing your true colors. You have no substance so you turn to Carter and the charge of racism and now a feeble attempt to connect the anti-socialist movement to the anti-gay of the 70's. This charge will stick to us like eggs stick to a Teflon skillet. Just won't do it.

C'mon Pelosi, stick to the issue rather than slinging mud. But it appears that is all you are capable of doing is smear and slinging. This is why ya'll are such miserable failures. You have NO SUBSTANCE!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If disagreeing with President Barak Obama makes one a racist, then I must be a racist. There is VERY LITTLE that I presently agree with him about the way he is proposing to take this country. In THIS article on Bloomberg, Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson, former President Jimmy Carter, and other unnamed black lawmakers attributed Joe Wilson's outburst to racism.

If this had happened to former President George W. Bush, the whole outburst would not have even been given a second glance by the aforementioned "scholars on racism". This whole brouhaha is nothing but politics. Pure, bitter, partisan politics. It demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party as a whole who say they oppose racism while it is demonstrable that THEY are the ones who seem to not be able to see past President Obama's blackness.

Again, if disagreeing with Obama makes one a racist, then I must be one.

In this case, however, it seems that those who are raising the biggest stink about this are the racists.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It is absolutely pathetic and mind-boggling in this day and age when a BLACK president is called a socialist and the camp he is a part of responds with the charge of RACISM and then THIS (link) happens and people WONDER if it is RACISM.

Calling Obama a socialist may not be much of a conversation builder but it certainly is not racist!

Would it be too much to ask that the liberal left CONDEMN the beating of this child as racially motivated and cheered on/encouraged as it happens?

Where are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the ACLU who would already have made statements had this been black on white?

Don't talk to me about racism unless the street we are going to discuss is TWO-WAY!

NO ONE! should be treated this way in a civilized society. But it appears that the only one who is supposed to show civility is the WHITE man?!

BLACK community....WHERE is the outrage at this event??? Or are you only concerned if it happens to a man like Rodney King?


Friday, September 4, 2009



Bubba and Allie will be married, Lord willing, this evening. Bubba is my son of 23 years and Allie is my future daughter-in-law. May God grant them wisdom, peace, happiness and prosperity. And yes, Daddy gets to officiate the wedding. Ain't life grand and ain't God good!!!