Thursday, May 28, 2009


I would like to alert you to this news story if you have not already heard about it. You can find the original story as reported by CBS News of Fort Worth/Dallas HERE. To say that I was concerned after hearing of this story would be a great understatement. It took just a little searching and I found the website and contact numbers for both the hospital where the original incident took place and the corporate headquarters. Corporate headquarters posted a press release in response to the news article. Everything turned out fine right? Well not as far as I am concerned.

I called the corporate headquarters and was directed to "Dave"(no last name was given) who was in charge of public relations. The phone was not picked up and after ringing several times, it was transferred to "Dave's" voice mail where I was directed to leave a telephone number and my call would be returned. I left two numbers where I could be reached, I have answering machines at both phone numbers and have not heard from them yet. Kindred, DAVE!!!, I am still waiting.

Why am I writing about this? Because the news story claimed one thing and the press released claimed another. When you watch the news story, you will find that the claim of the employee is that she was told that her supervisor and "some others" were offended by the flag. Nothing was said of the size as being inappropriate in the initial report. And yet that is what Kindred is saying this dust up was all about.

Well, someone needs to get their story straight. It appears that Kindred Healthcare is simply trying to cover their tails and instead of dealing with the issue in a straight forward manner are trying to divert the attention to a less than honest recounting of the story. I really wish someone reading this could get "Dave's" attention and have him respond to this. If Mrs. McLucas was lying about the issue, she should be fired and disgraced for using the flag in an dishonorable manner. If Kindred Healthcare finds that Mrs. McLucas is telling the truth and the other employee was offended by the flag and had it removed, that employee ought to be fired and given a one-way ticket to China.

So WHICH is it Kindred? Who is really telling the truth? Or are you simply trying to cover your tail? SHOW us your colors KINDRED! Fire ANYONE offended by our American Flag and send them packing. Or, support them through your weak corporate policies and find that true Americans can find alternative health care providers to attend to them.

EDITED to add: I have also sent them an email and will see if they respond.
EDITED to add: CBS follow up new story can be found HERE.
EDITED to add: Kindred responds in the comment stream.(5/29)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The NBC Today Show featured an interview by Matt Lauer of conservative Michael Smerconish and Katrina vande Heuval of the liberal Nation magazine. The conservative/liberal descriptors were taken directly from the video description for this particular interview. This interview was talking about the Republican Party's effort to remain relevant and Michael Steele's leadership in that party.

During the interview, Heuvel makes the statement that the Republican Party needs to become a more tolerant, modern, diverse party. She continues in her assessment that every demographic group is fleeing the Republican Party except for weekly church goers and that group, she states, will not make a party. She goes on to state that the Party is in trouble and that it needs to be a more modern, tolerant, opposition party.

Oh yeah. That is what the political arena would like isn't it!? They want us "weekly church goers" to abandon our ideals, adopt their own and sing Kum Ba Yah while the USA, and the world for that matter, continues in its downward moral spiral. Just in case Heuval has forgotten, the presidential race was nowhere near a blowout for Obama. It was a narrow majority win with an emphasis upon narrow though the majority vote went his way. This Republican Party is not as far gone as Heuval would have us to believe and the Republican Party is not as ready for liberal/moderate socialism as she would wish us to be.

This Country, the United States of America, was built firmly upon Biblical, Judaeo-Christian principles and ethics and can only continue its supremacy, whether financially, socially or militarily, as it remains devoted to those tenets.

No Heuval. The problem is not weekly church goers. The problem is those, such as yourself and your radical Nation, who would eradicate the values and tenets of those weekly church goers.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Okay, okay. I am not exercising restraint here and am jumping the gun so to speak, but after acquiring the actual 9 page document and reading it, I had to point out this one quote. The entire report is found HERE and the quote is from page 4 under the heading, Economic Hardship and Extremism. "Antigovernment conspiracy theories and "end times"(emphasis mine) prophecies could motivate extremist individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition and weapons. These teachings also have been linked with the radicalization of domestic extremist individuals and groups in the past, such as violent Christian Identity (emphasis mine) organizations and extremist members of the militia movement. "

Oh brother, or sister, who would have ever thought that by preaching about the Rapture and 7 years of tribulation that I'd be motivating extremist individuals to make provision for an unprecedented time of global upheaval. Especially when I preach that Christians WILL NOT BE HERE.

My second point concerns the reference to "violent Christian Identity". I sure hope the BI crowd does not start using violence. This would just make reading articles too confusing. I mean, how would we be able to tell the difference between "Christian Identity" and "Baptist Identity". But on a serious note, I am just not sure that the writers of the report understand what true "Christian Identity" really is. If that were the case, they would understand that "violent" is not a modifier of true "Christian Identity". Our Leader, Jesus Christ, was not violent though he died a violent death at the hands of violent men. Our Leader, Jesus Christ through Paul, taught us to pray for our leaders, not destroy them. But thank God that Jesus Christ is coming back. He, Jesus, will do battle with the government of this world. We will not have to avenge ourselves for he himself will avenge us. So pass all the laws you want, but understand, our Lord Jesus Christ is not subject to the laws of man. And make no mistake, he is coming back and this time, it will not be on a humble donkey but instead upon a battle horse.

More to come, Lord willing, as I continue to read the Napolitano Report.

***UPDATE***(5/5/09) The Domestic Extremism Lexicon which was revoked can be found HERE.

***UPDATE***(5/14/09) The DHS has pulled the report referenced. You can read about it HERE and HERE. My link to the report still works at the time of this update. Props to Kim for the heads up.