Monday, June 18, 2007


VBS/Day Camp, the SB Convention, a garden, 3 nephews and a broken refrigerator. Oh yes, by the way, two sermons for Sunday morning(Father's day of all things) and a Sunday School lesson. Someone asked me, "Aren't you tired?". I replied that I was simply glad the week had passed. Here is a short recap of each.

VBS/Day Camp
Our church does things a little different. In order to reach children who would otherwise spend their day in a daycare, we have what is called day camp. We allow children to be dropped off between 6:30 AM. We take care of them until VBS starts at 8:30 AM. At 12:00PM, when some children leave, we have the rest of day camp until 5:30PM. Many of our church's children stay as well for the activities we have planned for the rest of the day. We feed them lunch and then have recreation, crafts, snacks etc. all without cost to the parents. We like the time to teach them about Jesus as well as enjoying time with other children in a safe, Christian environment. The younger children love Duck, Duck, Goose. Needless to say, I made many a circle around those children chasing them or being chased. I also had the opportunity to teach 3 and 4 year olds a song. It is amazing how fast they can pick up on the words. As one little boy said thought when Friday rolled around, "this is the saddest day of VBS. It is over after today." While I am honestly glad that the "responsibility" is over, I too am sad that all of those little children won't be in church here this morning.

The Southern Baptist Convention
I tried to keep up with the events. I was able to watch a 10 minute live segment. I was able to read a few blogs to follow the events as well but only at short intervals and very few intervals at that. I do not think in any way that it was as defining as some thought it would be but I do see that it has begun a new era in discussion about precisely what SB's are going to claim as specifics for cooperation amongst ourselves and others. Though quite honestly, NO ONE, and I emphasize no one has been able to demonstrate very effectively yet for me how we are going to qualify different "tiers" of doctrine.

A Garden
Beans, squash and cucumbers do not stop growing just because it is VBS week. I tended my garden late in the evening under the cover of rain twice. For you gardeners, during the rain is the ideal time to squish bugs. They seem to move a lot slower during the rain. I think the cooling effect on their bodies slows them down.

3 Nephews
In order that 2 visiting nephews could spend time with the third, I had them over to our place for the evening. I recently acquired Bug's Bunny cartoons on DVD and we watched them as we waited for the 3rd to arrive. They had lots of questions for Uncle Luke but none more important as to exactly when the 3rd would arrive. Upon his arrival, we ate supper. Yes, I can cook. My daughter then took the boys outside to swim in our above ground pool. They had a blast but she continually reminded me that she had not signed up for that. I was tending the garden at that time. Waking them up the next morning was a riot. I woke them up earlier than normal so that we could be at Day Camp on time. 3 nephews, all sitting up on the sofa bed, hair going every direction trying to figure out how it is that 6 O'clock comes twice in one day.

A Broken Refrigerator
What a disaster. We came home from a long day of VBS and the fridge was not frigid. In fact, it was very tepid. The ice had melted, the hamburger patties were mush, the ice cream was liquid foam and the butter was no longer in block form. I checked it out and determined that the compressor had croaked. My cousin then came and checked it and he said that one of the coils had stopped up somewhere and that is what had caused the problem. Basically, buy a new one he said. Someone at church the next day offered my wife a used one. I called them that night to ascertain the facts about that frig but no one was at home, so, I hopped onto the computer and began price checking. I did not have the cash but I do have a credit card. I really did not want to charge it but I saw no other way. We were busy with VBS and my wife suggested that since we were not home much during the week, I could just take care of it on Saturday. Good suggestion! I thought about it all week, wrestling about how to afford either a new or used one. I determined that I was not going to charge it but that God was going to provide if I would take Him at His word. Well, wouldn't ya know it. God CAN be trusted. Through a family member, we were GIVEN, NO MONEY, NO CHARGE a refrigerator. Not brand new mind you but ironically, one that had originally been ours. A little bit of soap, some sawing on the cabinets to make the hole size amiable and viola, we now have ice again. Thank you Lord for providing.

I am SO GLAD that Monday is here. But looking back over the past week, God provided a safe VBS/Day Camp, no one was slain at the Alamo(SB Convention), I really enjoyed watching my garden grow, my time with the nephews was priceless, and I did not have to go in to debt to own a refrigerator. I wonder what God is going to do this week?



Blessed mommy and wife said...

We have a garden :) Not in the typical way though. A month or so ago Marc and I bought a few pots and buckets and were going to plant one. Well, the kids (coop and reagan) and did what we thought was destroyed it along with a late freeze. Well now we have plants coming up in the yard! What we think are cucumbers and cantelope :) Guess when the threw the dirt and seeds and all God provided another place for them. Pretty funny and awesome! Yeah God! for providing ya'll with another fridge!

selahV said...

Luke: that's about how God works things out for me, nearly every time. some things I've come to see that I just don't need. selahV

thanks for the tip on sluggish bugs.