Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MUSIC OR MADNESS: From Pain to Praise

I came across a little quote the other day on a website and they did not know who to give credit to for saying it as well so please know up front that I am not the originator nor do I know the original source for the quote under consideration.

"If God removed the stones from the brook, the brook would cease to make music."

We talk, in a rather sanctimonious spirit at times, about wishing that our lives would be a sweet sacrifice to the Lord, something that would bring glory and honor to him. Sacrifice means death. Death means pain. But somewhere in the midst of the pain a soul can offer up music that can cause even the angels of heaven to fall silent and to give ear to the chorus arising from earth. I wonder if that is what it was like when Paul and Silas began to praise God from the damp, dark dungeon and the bars were made to bend to the command of heaven and open their own mouths in submission to the almighty God.

Oh, I love the sound of a brook. In fact, if I ever would take the time to simply do it, I have the necessary materials to make a small brook and pond in my yard. It is one of my goals to create tranquility were beauty already exists amidst the steady stream of traffic which flows by on a daily basis. But in order for that water to make music, in order for that babbling to take place, there must be stones or rocks or something that agitates the path of the water on its course. The interesting part about the babbling brooks is that those stones which once were rough and jagged and produced a raging torrent are now smooth and rounded and produce a relaxing melody.

Yes, when trouble strikes, it is like a torrent of water rushing through the rough and jagged rocks and raising the noise level at times to a point of being deafening. But over the years and over time, those rocks are polished and rounded and smoothed to the point that the once before torrent has been fashioned into a gentle, calming, personal symphony of praise.

James wrote that we are to "count it all joy when we fall into divers temptations". May the rocks that line our brook become a cause for music rather than madness.


selahV said...

oh the melodious sound of water seeking somewhere to go to avoid the stagnation of its soul. perhaps this is why water fountains have become so popular. you make me want to go sit by a brook. selahV

Blessed mommy and wife said...

What a post. You know, when you look back on the pain in your life and the times when you still praised God thru it and allowed Him to work was when you see a huge growth in your walk with Him. Thanks for the post.

Blessed mommy and wife said...

BTW, a brook/pond would look awesome ya'lls already beautiful home and yard.

Luke said...

It would be nice to be able to remember this each and every time we hit the rough stuff wouldn't it? I believe you are absolutely correct that our growth is most notable when we have stood on faith and trusted God to be true.

Hope to see ya'll this weekend.