Thursday, November 8, 2007

Save Treasures or Serve Jesus?

There is a cliché that goes, “where God guides God provides”. Now as to who exactly was the first person to phrase that thought in this manner I doubt anyone but God truly knows. Not all clichés have validity and not all have truth but the one quoted has basis from the Word of God.

God had initiated a covenant with the people of Israel and part of the responsibilities revealed to Moses was that of the making of the Tabernacle. It was not a place for God to live, but it was a place for God to dwell amongst His people. God had set forth the standard that was to be used in building the Tabernacle and it would be a formidable task. The materials were not those that could just be found laying on top of the ground in one’s perusal through the wilderness. It was not called the wilderness because of its bounty. Another problem in building the Tabernacle would be in acquiring someone with the talents and skills that could build to the exact specifications.

Now consider this for a moment. God had given instructions for this to be built, how to build it and what to build it with. God also as we learn from the Scriptures provided for those instructions to be met. The people of Israel took with them from Egypt the spoils given to them and these spoils consisted of the precious items that would be used to form the Tabernacle. God had sent the plagues and because of the display of His power, not the Israelites, the people of Egypt were only too happy to get rid of the Israelites and their God. Another way that God provided was by giving wisdom to a worker who would be skilled in following God’s direction. God had also provided by giving Moses the details, measurements and even a glimpse of the real items so that the message could properly be relayed. But something was lacking. Something was missing from this mixture and chapters 35-36 reveal what this was that was missing. It was a God designed missing element. What was that element?

A willingness of the people to serve God in obedience. Chapter 35: 5, 21,26, 29; Chapter 36:2, 3. There is no doubt that God had given them the wisdom. There is no doubt God had given them the provisions. But now, God wanted the people to willingly return unto Him by obedience. They were not forced to participate. They chose to participate. They stirred up their hearts to serve the LORD. Yes, God had guided and God had provided. Now it was up to the people to serve the LORD, willingly at that, or become enamored with these treasures.

God’s righteousness requires righteousness from man. Man, lost in his own sin is unable to provide the righteousness needed to achieve God’s righteousness. God made provision for that righteousness through Christ Jesus. God guides man to Jesus through the preaching and hearing of the Word. Now the question to be answered is this: What will you do with the new life offered to you in Christ? Will you reject it? Will you delay a response to it? Will you keep it for yourself buried in some treasure box? Will you live it grudgingly in outward obedience? Or will you willingly yield all that you are and have up to Him in obedience? The Great God of love and provision yearns for your response.


selahV said...

Dear Luke, To the very best of my ability and understanding I "will willingly yield all that I am to Him in obedience?

I so want to be totally what He wants of me. I am convinced the unkindness, pride, anger, hate, forceful attitudes I meet in the internet world are there to show me how I am NOT to be. Most of my life I've seen the most negative sides of life. I've endured the most negative things from people outside of Christ. But the saddest most difficult thing I've endured is people who profess the name of Jesus who do not exhibit the fruit of His Spirit. An unyielded Christian is far more dangerous in the hands of satan than any unsaved person in the world.

thank you for stimulating these thoughts. on another note. please pray for my hubby, Bob, tomorrow and next Sunday. He is preaching in supply for a pastor on vacation and it is the first time he's been able to preach in over a year. Also, with his physical restraints due to his heart condition, I seek empowerment for his stamina as well. God bless you my brother. I'm posting on the main blog at sbcIMPACT tomorrow. I know it's a busy day but thought I'd let you know. selahV

Luke said...


"An unyielded Christian is far more dangerous in the hands of satan than any unsaved person in the world."

And that is so much what I DO NOT want to be. Steve Green sang a song entitled "Refiner's Fire". These lyrics I find are powerful and challenging and so much of what is driving my heart to truly become.

"I'm learning now to trust His touch
To crave the fire's embrace
For though my past with sin was etched
His mercies did erase
Each time His purging cleanses deeper
I'm not sure that I'll survive
Yet the strength in growing weaker
Keeps my hungry soul alive

May those who claim the name of Jesus and who do not presently crave and embrace that fire learn to decrease that Jesus may increase in their lives.

Bob will be prayed for and I trust that the Lord will empower him to sow the Good Seed of