Friday, April 18, 2008


Even as I am typing this, rain is falling outside. I am quite sure that there are some home builders who are not happy with the liquid sunshine. I am also sure that there are others who had plans and this rain is washing away at those plans. But I LOVE the rain.

I am a gardener of two sorts. I have a vegetable garden and the beginnings of a rose garden as well as other plants and flowers. These veggies and flowers depend upon this rain for their growth. I can use city water but it does not have the same effect as rain water. After a rain, the grass grows much darker and fuller and the garden veggies as well. The city water does not have as good an effect as the rain water. I placed a 55 gallon plastic drum under one of my gutters to catch the rain water and I use it to water my plants and veggies until it runs dry. Then I hope for rain to fill it up again. Rain water is so much better than man's "purified" water.

The Word of God is likened to water. It washes and regenerates. Sure, you can use "man-made" water for your soul, but it does not produce, it cannot produce what only the pure Word of God can do. Have you had your water today? Do you long for the rain of the Word of God to quench your soul's thirst? Do you long for the real rain and not some man-made, second rate HOH with additives? Read your Bible. Meditate on either a Scripture you are memorizing or one that you have already memorized. Let God, through His Word, quench the thirst of a pilgrim traveling through a dry and thirsty land. Remember, it takes rain!


ABClay said...

Brother Luke,

Couldn't agree more about the rain, except lots of home builders right now like the rain. It makes the job take longer (usually) and when there isn't a lot of jobs to go to, the longer a job takes, the less time you spend at home on your duff wishing you had something to do.

shoot me an email when you get a chance.

Grace and Peace...


Luke said...

Brother ABC,
Welcome to SMOG. I don't know. I'd much rather finish the job and have time to do yard work or pick up other little odd jobs if the pay is all the same but that may just be me. Have a blessed day.