Sunday, April 12, 2009

Way To Go Navy SEALS!!!

I say that it is about time that we responded the way that we have. The terrorists, not criminals, have far too long affected the lives of the innocent and then, when confronted try to act like the offended rather than the offender. While I am cognizant of the fact that those terrorists who were killed are more than hostages to the fires of hell, their fate is something that they brought upon themselves. May God grant their families mercy and may the light of Jesus Christ shine upon their souls rather than continue to pursue these methods of operation.

To the Navy SEALS...this is indeed a defining moment for the world to observe. May God continue to grant you great success.

I'll be out of pocket for a while. Lord willing, be back in about a week.

There are many stories out about this operation. You can read about one such HERE.


Byroniac said...

I'm proud of our Navy Seals. They rock. I hope all America is too.

I think our pirate problem can best be solved by three things: superior firepower, aiming accuracy, and courage to use both to solve problems.

And my idea of a warning shot is to fire something off at them, blow away one or two pirates, and let the survivors take notice, because something heavier is already aimed and looking for an excuse to come that way.

Peace through superior firepower.

selahV said...

It's sad it had to end this way, but I'm glad we got our Captain back and I hope this serves as a deterrent for future attacks on American ships, but it may just fuel them to go after more. There was an attack on another American ship today that was foiled. Something needs to be done about this. It's ridiculous that a tiny boat with a group of pirates could board a giant ship and do this. Nuts. selahV

Byroniac said...

Pirates are desperate people, and any money they acquire they will use to buy more weaponry and vessels.

I do not think there is any peaceful resolution to this, or a way to dialogue with them. Piracy was a big deal in previous centuries, with very stiff penalties which I never understood as a child, but do now. Personally, I think we should bring back hanging and walking the plank. I know that's extreme, but it's certainly called for in the case of pirates.