Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Every now and then, the solution to a problem presents itself rather easily. Reading THIS article is one of those instances where the problem and the solution is so readily apparent. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was being interviewed and he made the statement that "[t]he town hall tradition is to give people information, he said, 'so they can make a decision about policy that impacts their lives and I think that's what this town hall meeting will do today and I know the president is excited about engaging the public again.'"(para.5)

First, I will note that the entire quote is not a direct quote of his. But barring any forthcoming statements, it is presumed that Gibbs stands by the way he is quoted. But it is the first part of his statement that I want to draw attention to where it is stated that "the town hall tradition is to give people information." THERE is the problem. They, Obama and his muses, totally misunderstand the purpose of the Town Hall Meeting. It IS NOT for them to give us information. It IS for THE PEOPLE TO BE HEARD and in this case, by no other than Obama himself.

NO Mr. Gibbs! NO President Obama! The TOWN HALL MEETING is not a place where you INFORM us. It is the place where WE INFORM YOU. You've been so stuck in playing politics and stacking the questions that you have completely subverted the reason for these meetings. And perhaps, the people bare as much responsibility for sitting quietly and idly by as you and your ilk answer those staged questions without ever answering the TOUGH questions. But especially with YOU Obama, we understand why. If it is not scripted and you have to go off of your own reasoning rather than Teleprompter logic, you fail miserably because it is at that point where you reveal yourself for who you truly are and what you truly think. When you are behind the teleprompter, you tell us what your information specialists think.

President Obama, make trips to other cities where you KNOW you will be opposed. LISTEN to those gripes, complaints and suggestions. LEARN from us the American people what WE think for as often as it has been repeated, it bears repeating again. YOU work for us in America. YOU were hired by us in America. Now listen to us here in America.

NO Mr. Gibbs! NO President Obama! The TOWN HALL MEETING is not a place where you INFORM us. It is the place where WE INFORM YOU!!!


Byroniac said...

With all due respect to the President, as our Commander-In-Chief, having town hall meetings for the purpose of informing the citizens sounds more like a kingdom and less like a democracy. Yikes! Good post, Luke.

Luke said...

Thanks Byron. I think on this issue, it is safe to say we agree. I like that!

I am content to say though that no matter what happens, I still trust that the Lord will work things out for our good.


Byroniac said...

Hey Luke, I'm sure we agree more often than not. I voted for McCain, and I'm not sorry I did, but I want to remain respectful of Obama. But I reserve the right to disagree with him. Chances are, if he says or does something, I'm going to disagree with it. Oh well, that's the way it goes...

selahV said...

Hey Luke! Right On! selahV

Luke said...

Thanks Mrs. V.