Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There it grew, far from the observation of those who seldom stray from the beaten path. Like a burst of fireworks piercing through the darkness, this blossom of flowers reached up through the undergrowth and showed forth its beauty. Had the little trail that was used to access this area not existed, scarcely could one conceive that a human might have stumbled upon it during its brief display of devotion to God's calling upon it. Far from other blooming flowers, distant from the busy path of life, this little flower was doing what God placed it to do. The flower was displaying the Glory of God and giving glory to God and, it was in a place that would be seldom seen by the passing masses should any of them even but for a moment veer from their busy schedule. No banners, billboards or advertisements drew attention to itself. It simply did what it was designed to do. No parades, no pomp and circumstance, no confetti and noisemakers inhabited the realm of this flower, just quiet solitude and devotion before and to God Almighty.

Christian, pastor's especially, the limelight is not where ability or calling will be displayed for the majority of us. Instead, can we just be like this little flower with no regard to who on earth is looking but instead, with all regard to God above? Can we learn to be content where God has placed us and live to His glory despite our not being surrounded by accolades, sycophants and cameras? Life is really not all that long and maybe, just maybe, instead of striving for the stage of men, we should really be striving upon the stage where God has placed us, even if seldom ever seen by the eyes of men.

Whether I had stopped by or not was irrelevant to this little flower. It was going to bloom where it was whether I saw it or not. God help me to be like this little flower, content in doing WHAT you've called me to do WHERE you've called me to do it.


selahV said...

Luke, how beautiful! The words, the understanding. Perhaps this is truly what the Lord meant when He said, "consider the lilies of the field"...they are what they are and I have created them to glorify me. And just by our being where we are and drinking in the pleasure of His Son, we glorify Him and anyone who happens by our lives will be encouraged they have known us. Such a blessing. You should write more of these my friend. selahV

Luke said...

I'll try.:) Thanks for the kind words.