Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Find Funny

So I'm walking out of the store yesterday evening and I see a guy getting out of a truck who is obviously a duck hunter or at least a fan of ducks. I believe it was the shadow decals on his windows that serve me notice of his passion for ducks. Our weather has gotten cold and the wind is blowing and all of that stuff and so I thought I'd make small talk with the fellow. He was putting on his jacket after exiting his vehicle and so I simply stated, "I wonder if the ducks will be flying in the morning?" to which he replied, "Duck season is closed." As he walked away, I mused to myself. I did not know that ducks quit flying just because the season was closed and if they do, how do they migrate back north? Walk?! I guess the man just wasn't in to small talk. He walked away probably thinking I was a bumble head and I walked away from him thinking, what a buffoon.

Slow down. Enjoy your day. You only have one opportunity with it.


kimberly said...

Thats funny!!!

selahV said...

So...Sunday morning I came out of the ladies room just as my husband was walking down the hall. The hallway wasn't crowded and so I said, "Hey, honey! Honey!" He didn't respond. I spoke louder, "Bob! Bob!" He still didn't turn around. I'm talking just a yard ahead of me, Luke. That's all. So I said it really loudly and gave up. I walked quickly to him and touched his arm and told him, "I was calling you. I was walking right behind you and talking to you but you didn't hear me. You need to have your hearing checked." and then I laughed.

He quips, "I don't talk to people who talk behind my back."

If you don't think that is funny, it's one of those things where ya just had to be there. :) selahV

Luke said...

That's funny too! I thought you were going to end up saying it wasn't your husband and that would have been funny too. But I like his response. Sounds like my kinda man!