Monday, July 9, 2007


Ephesians 5:15-16 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

We cannot make time, extend time or delay time. We cannot even change the color of our hair.(Matthew 5:36) We cannot guarantee time. (James 4:13-16) But these ideas about time are not what Paul was talking about. Instead, he is talking about making the MOST of the time you have been entrusted with. And how do you make the MOST of time? He just told us that we are to walk circumspectly or in other words, diligently or perfectly. The fool wastes or squanders his time, like the proverbial ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper spent his time making merry rather than planting and sowing like the ant. The ant had provision and the grasshopper had none. Who was wise?

This is an effort we must put our minds to do. If we do not purpose to do that which is upright and God honoring, we will end up doing that which is unprofitable either physically or spiritually and sometimes even both. So by buying up or by investing in the time, we make the most of it. Doing that which is profitable. And profitable is not bound simply by monetary gain. Profitable is that which is glorifying to the Lord or edifying to the Body and even that which is conducive to spiritual growth in the individual. Spending time blogging in and of itself is not necessarily unproductive. Some use it for personal spiritual growth by posting their struggles, questions and even answers they have found. Others gain insight and benefit from what they read on various blogs. Yet, blogging can become unprofitable when one does not spend ample time sowing and watering amongst the local body of believers as well. Blogging is not to be a substitute for personal investment in a local church. May God use blogging in a powerful way and may we take that power and live it out amongst those who live with us, work with us and fellowship with us.

Well, I have run out of "time". Not really. I have simply said what I wanted to say. On to other tasks.


Blessed mommy and wife said...

Great blog. I see you put a countdown on your site too. :) How "timely".

Luke said...

You like that huh?:) I was wondering if anyone would catch the "timing" of that addition.

selahV said...

LUKE: i noticed your countdown, but not wanting to shop, i ignored it. :^)

I'm like the grasshopper. I'd rather enjoy life as it comes than plan for life that may never be. If I'm in the middle of cleaning out my closets, or doing laundry and a friend calls and wants to have lunch, I do lunch. If my daughter calls and needs me to watch the girls, I go watch the girls. If someone calls me, I stop and chat. I think interruptions in life are God's opportunities and since I'm not sure of what God wants to do with me and my life in another person's, I just go with the flow. It's so much nicer to live this way than the forced effort I use to live with by carrying out all my preconceived plans, and crossing off things on my to-do list. Sieze the day...but capture each moment, just spend it wisely. selahV

Luke said...

I don't really like the shopping part as much as I do the time of year. I like all the family/friend get-togethers.

I think the point of the grasshopper was that he just "partied" and did not make proper use of his time. Like the 5 foolish virgins, he did not bring extra oil for his lamp so to speak. But your point about having a list and being so glued to it that we miss the opportunities to do things with our families is valid. But by no stretch of the imagination am I a list to be done type. I learned as a minister that needs arise whether you have a list or not. I do have targets I aim at while not missing the fact that my targets are ministering to people, not some bulls-eye on that target.

Hope your hubby is feeling better and your grandson as well.

selahV said...

Luke: hubby is trying to feel better. grandson is just being a teenager. can't stop that boy. he's an energizer bunny. only now he carries a brace to slow him down. :) selahV