Monday, September 10, 2007


Can we really know for sure that the heavens and the earth were created in a literal day, that which we would know of as a 24 hour period? I realize that there are many who claim the title christian who would also say that we cannot be sure about the time frame. I, however, think we CAN know and that we CAN know dogmatically. The greatest part about this "search for truth" is that one does not have to be a Hebrew scholar in order to know this truth. Genesis chapter 1 explains itself quit easily.

Without going into great detail, each day is signified and set apart as to what happened on each day. By focusing on the word "day" and jumping to texts other than Genesis 1, we can see how error creeps into interpretation. I contend that all that one needs to know about the word "day" is clearly delineated in chapter 1. Moses, under inspiration by God's Spirit specifically delineated what is meant by day. We find these words, "and the evening and the morning were the...". This formula is repeated once for each day of creation and in conjunction with the word "day". ANY other length of time just will not fit the formula, evening and morning. One thousand years would have thousands of evenings and thousands of mornings.

One need not say that he was not there, therefore he cannot know. With absolute certainty he can know! Why? God had it written so that we WOULD know. Evolution seeks to impose science, so-called, upon the Text and many have caved in not allowing the Text to speak for itself. In writing Genesis chapter one, Moses clearly defined what a "day" is and we can teach this truth as FACT. Though some may charge us with a lack of humility for not being willing to entertain the idea of thousands if not millions of years, simply being charged with it does not make it so. If that were the case, the charge would be against Moses because the Text offers no other alternative but six literal days.

There is Truth. You can know it. You need not be shamed into any other position. There is No Shame in standing unwaveringly upon the Truth of God's Word. Hold the truth in love we must. But hold the truth with reservation? We can not! We must hold the truth in love WITHOUT reservation.


selahV said...

that's how I see it, too. I find that the most quandries in which we find ourselves is due to trying to overthink and gain knowledge where the simplicity is enough. In the beginning God--that's all we need. At least that is all I need. selahV

Blessed mommy and wife said...

I agree! If we don't take the Bible and God's Word as literal it, to me, would also leave doubt for other truth's in God' Word. You either believe it all or what basis do you have to support your faith??

Luke said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I like you find it disingenuous when some accuse others of not being able to understand the Bible because they do not know Greek or Hebrew. I still contend that if we truly knew our ENGLISH GRAMMAR, the ENGLISH would make perfect sense. Have a blessed evening.

Luke said...

I don't know if you ever saw that in the initials but you truly are the BEEMER! I do plan on addressing other issues of the faith in this same format. Can you imagine that IF the first eleven chapters of Genesis were not literal, then are we truly lost in sin apart from Christ? Kinda like pullin' a thread on a rug, it just keeps unravelin' and it will not stop until the whole rug is destroyed. May God increase our Faith in His Word.

peter lumpkins said...


Thanks for the post and the clear stand you make. Sometimes in our 'pursuit' to display humility, we find ourselves sporting a soft, fluffy jacket as conviction.

Grace. And, yes, if I am down your way, I'll be sure to drop in on you. I'd love to preach sometime (or sing if you insist...). Though be warned: I'm kinda old school :^)

With that, I am...


Luke said...

The very fact that you are old school is what would be a blessing to so many in our congregation. Do not get me wrong, we love the "new" stuff too, well...some of it.

I save my "soft fluffy jacket" for when someone is hurting and in sorrow.

This whole neo-agnostic(I coined that myself)thought pattern invading our pews and pulpits doesn't water down the truth, it neuters the truth. It makes it impotent. But, I think this is all a sign of the times and 2 Timothy 3:5,7 seem to be insight when people are afraid to stand on the Word of God.

Thanks for the visit Peter. Always good to hear from you.

Blessed mommy and wife said...

Luke said...
I don't know if you ever saw that in the initials but you truly are the BEEMER

LOL Someone else pointed out to me that our kids initials (BDRCK) reminded them of Bedrock and we must be grounding them in the Word. I always see where we can improve but I did think that was pretty cool. Also, I never realized the BMW initials but it was funny. I can't wait to read other writings from you on this issue. You are so right, God's Word from Genesis to Revelation is nothing but showing us our sin apart from Christ and how lost we are.