Thursday, September 13, 2007


This will be the second installment of, only the Lord truly knows how many, doctrines of truth that God's HolyWord unequivocally states as truth that can be known and which no true preacher of the Word of God should ever be afraid to state as dogma. Yes! I am saying that to oppose this truth is to oppose God and His Word, both written and incarnate. As with all of these that I delve into, my goal is to be concise and precise letting the Word speak for itself.

The fact that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit is illustrated in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke. In the Gospel of Luke 1:34, Mary asks the angel how it is that she can be pregnant since she does not know a man? The context CLEARLY portrays that Mary was NOT having sexual relations with Joseph prior to their marriage nor had she had sex with anyone prior to Joseph. The fact that she could be with child puzzled her because she knew that the only way for a woman to get pregnant, until now, was to have sexual relations with, know, a man. And may I address our culture here briefly? The ONLY way for a woman to be pregnant, whether naturally or through artificial insemination, is for the egg of a woman to be fertilized by the sperm of a man. This miracle, that did not include the seed of a man, was a One Time miracle.

The fact that Mary was a VIRGIN is also illustrated in the Gospel of Matthew 1:18,25. When Joseph found out Mary was with child, he sought to put her away because he perceived that she had been unfaithful to him during their betrothal. However, an angel of the Lord intervened, told Joseph that this was a Miraculous Conception and instead of putting Mary away, he married her and did not have sex with her until AFTER Jesus was born. These two Gospels paint a compelling and convincing picture that Mary knew she had not had sexual relations with any man up to the point of conception and that Joseph knew that, never before and not until after Jesus was born, did he have sexual relations with Mary.

There is NO OTHER way for this text to be understood but that Mary was a VIRGIN and the Child which was conceived in her was a Miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, aka the Power of God. Let the Gospel preacher proclaim that once again the power of God, as demonstrated in Creation and in Conception, reigned, and still reigns, supreme. That which is impossible with man is possible with God!


selahV said...

There is such power in the Word of God--and if one is going to believe any of it, one must believe ALL of it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. selahV

Luke said...

And to think that His power towards us who believe is guided by LOVE! What a Mighty God we serve!