Monday, December 17, 2007


We are in the midst of the greatest holiday season of the year. Beginning with Thanksgiving and ending a day or two after New Year's day, we spend the better part of about 6 weeks imbibing in a diabetics nightmare. Eggnog, fudge, cookies, chips and dips fill the menu for many. Office parties, church parties, Sunday School parties and family gatherings fill the agenda for many. Living down here in the gulf south does not afford the opportunity for snow to fill our yards, though the frost we had this morning was quite spectacular. Yes, I do long for knee deep snow. But beyond all of these temporary and transitory goodies, do you hunger and thirst for something more? When the holidays are gone, are you still left with a void that none of the prior things listed could fill?

There are many things we can search for and hope for and ask for. I really would like snow. Snow knee deep would really be neat. But is my desire for snow a deeper desire that even that much snow could not fill? Would that one request satiate me or would I long for more.

Well, amidst all of the things we could seek after, there is one that the Jesus said would lead to us being filled. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, he said, would be filled. If we were to list all of the things that we are desirous of this year, how many of them would fall under the category heading, Righteousness? Why are we then surprised when those things that do not fall under the heading Righteousness, do not fill us with any meaningful filling?

So, for what are you hungry and thirsty?


SelahV said...

Luke, I'm not at all surprised. I know that the temporary junk in my life that I toy with is nothing but dung. I wonder what is the matter with my head sometimes. But definitely not the blessings or non-blessings of God. I long manifest more of His righteousness. Oh the tears I've shed realizing what a worm I am. selahV

Luke said...

I despise guilt. And yet, from heaven's perspective, I must appear to love it. Life is so much sweeter when not under guilt. A life filled with searching and longing for righteousness does not mean a life void of trouble/tribulation, but it does mean a spirit that is at peace with God during those times. That is a priceless treasure. Thanks for your footprints here.