Thursday, December 6, 2007


Lord willing, I will soon be back into the blogging rhythm. For those of you who have been patiently waiting and encouraging me, I thank you.

Getting things back on track now, I have decided to share a TRUE story that I was told. This sounds unbelievable and it would seem that it came right out of some stand up comedians act but I assure you that this is first-hand knowledge of the event.

A young girl that I know was recently celebrating her 17th birthday and was given a watch by her uncle. She opened the watch and was excited to wear it. She asked her dad what time it was and proceeded to give him the watch to set it for her. Upon looking at the watch, he noticed that the time was correct and he told his daughter that it was so. She asked how the time could be correct and he told her that the watch had probably been preset by someone at the store or the factory. (Now I remind you that this girl has just turned 17.) His daughter replied, "Yeah, right! Like they would know this would be the exact time I would open my present."


Blessed mommy and wife said...

OK, now that sounds like something I would of said to dad. LOL I'm sure you've heard some of those stories from him. Been praying for ya'll. I know ya'll had a rough few weeks.

Luke said...

Thank you for the prayers. It was quite a busy week and weekend. Somehow, I think it ought to be against the law for two people to die on the same day from different families in a church. In spite of the seriousness of each situation, the funeral home director did have a sense of humor about him when he asked me after the second funeral, if I was going to come back the next day. I am grateful for the wisdom of the Lord and the prayers of the saints.

Since you brought up the watch, I guess I can sorta hear you asking that question. Maybe when you were younger but not now. Well, maybe, after 5 younguns...:)

Grosey's Messages said...

hahaha very good.. I was wondering how you knew that story about my daughter...!

Luke said...

Hey Grosey,
It is all I've had time to post. And as for knowing that was about your daughter, you know that google earth can flick the flea off of a camel's nose huh?

I do intend really soon, next week, Lord willing and the creek doesn't rise, to start putting things with more substance up but my plate has just been a little too full. Thanks for dropping by.

SelahV said...

Luke...yeah yeah yeah. we'll believe it when we see it. just kidding. :)

substance isn't necessary, Luke. Just chat with us about yourself. substance can come later. selahV