Wednesday, January 2, 2008


HERE is an article of just recent that ought to get your eyes a rolling. With Christmas being past and only a few hundred days until it returns, there is much time to consider what the Archbishop has to say. Now I realize that there is much about the birth of Jesus that we do not know. What time of night, how many shepherds there were, seems to have been anything but silent for the shepherds, how many wise men there were and exactly when, date and time, they showed up are a few questions that are batted around to which we do not have an absolute biblical answer. But when one begins to cast doubt upon what the Word actually records, now it is time to scrap. Two points wherein the Archbishop showed his true reasoning behind bringing any of this up anyway are:

1. He actually denies the account of Matthew 2:9 by saying that "stars just don’t behave like that". Well, Matthew records that this one did. Perhaps the Archbishop thinks that Matthew was just recording legend, folklore, myth? In his feeble attempt to set the record straight about the Christmas celebration, he ends up with all four wheels in the ditch. To deny the very truth recorded by Matthew based upon his understanding of earth science rather than faith in God and the truth of His word is bound to eventually resurface in the doubting of other portions of the Word of God.

2. He actually calls the virgin birth of Jesus a "hurdle" over which new Christians did not need to concern themselves with in order to be "signed up". I can only assume that by being "signed up" he is referring to salvation. If that be the case, he believes it but it isn't necessary for others to believe in the virgin birth in order to be saved. If Jesus was not virgin born then he was simply the offspring of Joseph and Mary, which would make Jesus a mere mortal and not Immanuel. If Jesus was not virgin born then his death secured nothing for the salvation of others much less his own. If Jesus was not virgin born, the the idea of the resurrection is absolutely ludicrous unless we deny other Scriptures about death and the afterlife. If Jesus was not virgin born, then what exactly is the calling of the Archbishop? Is it a call to a man-made organization? For there truly is no church if Jesus was not born of a virgin. Deny the virgin birth and you invalidate the entire New Testament.

May God have mercy upon this man and may the Holy Spirit show him the error of his way.

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