Monday, March 31, 2008


Did you check with God about those plans? This is just a friendly reminder that God is not on our timetable but rather we are on His. We may be able to change the outside color of hair, but God can permanently change the DNA of your hair. When you can change the actual color of your hair, then I suppose God may take your plans a little more seriously.

We all make plans, yes we do. It is Scriptural to make plans.(last post) But it is not Scriptural to presume that you can carry out those plans without considering what God is doing. God's will is going to be done no matter how much we may strive against Him. The American "Can Do" Attitude attempts to influence us into thinking that we are in control of our destiny. However, the Word teaches us that God is the ultimate One in control of destiny.

Hear these words from James 4:15.

For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this or that.

So, what have you planned for tomorrow???


selahV said...

hey Luke, I planned to drive home to Oklahoma. granddaughter started contracting and although I was half way between Mississippi and Oklahoma (one hour from Shrevesport), I turned around and drove back to MS so I could be with her until she has the baby or until my daughter comes down to be with her. Someone needs to be here to watch her little Conner. Whew...what a busy two days.
And I just let the Lord make the switches in the plans. Worked out fine. He's in charge after all.
Hey...have you voted for me in the Blog Madness yet? I know you are usually not in the loop on some of the goings-on. check our my blog selahV

Luke said...

Mrs. V,
I was out of loop all day today doing an A/C installation. I do not think I am gonna do any of those anymore.

If we only saw what the Lord saw, we could see how it all makes sense. But then, there would be no need for faith. And, our faith is not in a mean god, but the Most Loving God. And does it not always work out fine when we do it His way?!

Yes'm. I have knowledge of the blog madness and I have voted. Uh, I did not vote for the other guys. How's that?