Tuesday, March 4, 2008


With hopes of slapping Christianity and Judaism, it is now reported that Moses had a little help on Sinai:

And yet Islam followers are given a free pass:

Can you imagine the outcry if the first story was that Mohamed had been smoking camel dung and that Christian women were asking for their own time to exercise at Harvard?

It is so comforting to me, in the midst of such duplicity, that this world is NOT our home but that we have an eternal home, not made with human hands, awaiting us. Blessed thought this is!


Blessed mommy and wife said...

That just totally baffles me that people have to come up with things like that to prove their point instead of just believing what is true. BTW, how is Bubba doing?

Luke said...

Bubba is doing GREAT. I have updated the pics. The link I previously gave is still good. He is back at school and work though with a limp. God is Good.

You are quite right about what extent that people will go to ignore the truth. Evolution is another example. But we must remember that they are blinded by the god of this world, thus the necessity of sharing the Gospel.