Friday, June 27, 2008


I have watched with great interest the Phoenix mission to the planet Mars. Is it not amazing that we can send that much knowledge to a planet and cannot reduce our dependency on oil here on our own planet? But that is another thought for another time. I would like to draw your attention to a particular goal of this mission.

The Phoenix was equipped with special equipment which would allow it to take a few soil sample and check them to see if water was found in the soil. A few pictures back from the planet even showed what some scientists believe may have been ice in the dirt and that is particularly what they were looking for. Their reasoning is that if water is found there, then there is the possibility that life may exist or might have existed on Mars. But here is the catch in all of this scientific endeavor. NASA sent water to Mars. Yes, you heard me correctly. NASA sent water to Mars. You can find that article HERE. The following is the paragraph I am referencing.

"The Phoenix mission is not directly looking for life on Mars, but rather whether conditions for habitability ever existed. In the wet chemistry experiment, water was mixed into the soil to produce Martian mud. Then the apparatus performed the same sorts of tests that gardeners use to test the condition of their soil.

Did you catch that? They sent water to the planet to conduct experiments. The specimen upon which they are conducting their experiments has been compromised. Ah but some will argue that NASA has implemented all kinds of safe-guards to ensure that the soil experiments are not compromised. Oh, you mean the safe-guards that caused one landing craft to enter at a wrong angle and speed because one group of programmers used the Metric system while the others used the English standard system? Oh, do you mean the safe-guards that prevented one shuttle from exploding during take-off taking the lives of the seven astronauts with it? Oh, do you mean the safe-guards that prevented one shuttle from exploding upon reentry when heat and gases were able to mingle in a compromised heat shield?

Should the Lord tarry, a hundred years from now, water will be found on Mars. And it may or may not be because it already existed there but one thing is for sure, it will be found because NASA put it there.

Think about it.

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