Saturday, August 30, 2008


As of the present, we are going nowhere. Planning to hunker down and take whatever Gustav dishes out. But, I reserve all rights to bail out at the last moment and head north to fairer land. Lake Charles should be on the west side of the storm according to the weather prognosticators. See ya'll on the other side of Gustav.


selahV said...

Have you left yet? How far are you from the coastline?

Luke said...

Mrs. V,
We are 45 minutes from the coast as driving is concerned. I think it translates into about 40 miles as the crow flies. But the storm is supposed to pass a little north of us putting us on the west side.

Nope, ain't planning on leaving. We are ready as far as human preparation is concerned to face the old rascal. And as my son just said, the problem is the waiting. The storm is never near as bad as the waiting.

Chat at ya either during or on the other side.

selahV said...

Luke, so how are you? selahV