Thursday, December 3, 2009


Am I too religious to help the hurting? If I answer yes, woe to me and my soul. If I answer no but don't help them, I'm a hypocrite.


Byroniac said...

What if helping the number who need help is beyond your ability? What if you are able to help everyone you know of who needs help, but doing so would put you in serious financial hardship where you were basically able to just provide for your family and meet basic needs. Where would you draw the line? (I am not contesting you, just asking questions, especially in view of the fact I know that God judges the heart and its motives, and not merely your actions themselves).

Luke said...

Faith without works is dead.
"Religion" without works is hypocrisy.

If it is beyond your ability, God does not plan on using you alone.

Is being able to meet one's primary needs financial hardship???

Drawing the line...Without going into great detail, we help the helpless, not the lazy, slothful, disobedient, rebellious(Jonah had to be thrown overboard).

The real question is not where do I stop? The real question is where do I start?

selahV said...

Luke, you always help me when I need your help. and very often I am hurting when you do so. love you my friend. you can't help everyone all the time. only some of the people all the time and even then, you have to take time to help yourself by getting away from the crowds of needy folk. Even Jesus did that. Was Jesus a hypocrite for not helping all the blind, deaf, needy and mourning? :) selahV

selahV said...

Luke, you write the "real question is where do you start?" I'd say wherever the Lord tells you to start. Go as far as you can see Him leading and then stop until you see Him leading you further.

Luke said...

Mrs. V,

Thank you for your kind words.

As far as where to start, to refine that statement a little further. I think it would be that you start where God has already placed you. And I've learned, just this week, that if He has someone special for you to minister to, in some cases, He'll go so far as to bring them to you, even if it means that they have to drive 20 hours to find you even though they didn't know who you were and that you would be there. I'll write a post on it someday.

selahV said...

yep...I've had a few folks who did that. One in particular will always stand out in my mind. I think they call that sovereignty.