Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was reading the news of the day when I happened upon THIS story. Then it suddenly dawned upon me. The answer for the ages as to why the polar ice is disappearing. Scientists want to blame it on global warming when in reality it is all of the expeditions they make into these regions on icebreaker ships that undermine the ability of the poles to build up their ice sheets. As these scientists continue to "traipse" about(they call it study) the poles constantly busting up these ice sheets that they say are in such a danger of disappearing. But if they stopped their "study" of polar ice, they would not get federal money to line their pockets and provide them with paid vacations that most people can only dream about.

The sequence of events is like this:
1. we study the poles
2. we bust up the ice as we study the poles
3. the ice starts to disappear
4. we ask the feds to underwrite studies to understand why the ice is busting up
5. we travel to the poles, AGAIN
6. busting up more ice to understand what we caused in the first place.

Seems as reasonable to me as cow flatulence causing global warming!

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