Friday, May 11, 2007

Just for Fun

Occasionally, I will try to post something that you will find humor in but still prompt you to think. With that in mind, I would like to post a few quotes from The Last Laugh. This book was published in 1968 by Hallmark Cards, Inc. These are actual epitaphs taken from head stones.

"A questionable tribute to a man frozen to death in wintertime:
The winter snow
congealed his form
But now we know
our Uncle's warm.

"Here lies one Wood
enclosed in wood,
One wood within another.
The outer wood is very good,
We cannot praise the other."

Epitaph to an unhappy marriage:
Within this grave do lie
Back to back my wife and I.
When the last trump
the air shall fill,
If she gets up I'll just lie still."

Just one more:
"In All Saint's Churchyard, Newcastle England:
Here lies Robert Wallace,
Clerk of All Hallows,
King of good fellows,
And maker of bellows.
He bellows did make
till the day of his death,
But he that made bellows
could never make breath."

I wish for you all a blessed weekend.


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