Monday, May 7, 2007

Tagged...I'm It.....

Okay, I'm adjusting to this new life in blogdom and someone runs up to me, slaps me upside the head and says tag, your it. So now, I'm supposed to reveal a little, 7 facts, about myself and then tag seven other people who have blogs and who are then supposed to do the same thing on their own blog. Well, here it goes:

Number 1. I only "know" two bloggers. SelahV tagged me and Peter wants to kiss....never mind, just read at SelahV.

Number2. I like to read the dictionary, encyclopedia, medical journals, blogs.

Number 3. I am a news junkie.

Number 4. I love to garden and attempt to grow roses.

Number 5. I am one of the most "self-confident" people you will ever meet.(the requirements are simply that, it did not say the facts have to be good)

Number 6. I love music, especially classical.

Number 7. I love birds and birdwatching.

Okay, go thou and do likewise.



selahV said...

LUKE: you are such a good sport. that is so funny. Self-confident? My, my; you hide that so well. I'd say you are God-confident. I really don't see the "ego-pride" factor in your writing. we have a few things in common. Roses and birds. Don't read journals or encyclopedias. I like quote books and then I like to find out what kind of person wrote the quote. Cajun gospel. selahV

Kimberly said...

You forgot one major can't stand black eyed peas and cabbage! LOL. I agree with selahv, not prideful at all but definately God-confident. Have a blessed day and I'm really enjoying your blog. :)

Luke said...

How in the world did I forget that?! Maybe cause, "I don't go around thinkin bout black-eyed peas and cabbage"! ewwwwwwwuuuuccckk

By the way, the green beans are doing really well. They are almost to the top of the poles. Lettuce, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers and chard are all growing. Yipee. I also have 52 "amarillis"sp? seeds I am trying to sprout.

It's hot. I'm tired of working on the gym and I am about to go home.


selahV said...

LUKE: grew to love black-eyed peas when they were cooked with smoked ham, garlic and onions. Always loved cabbage. when people make them that way, do they cook the peas and cabbage together?

Chard? eeeeek selahV

Luke said...

I honestly don't think they cook them together as in the same pot but they do cook them at the same time. I used to walk into my grandparents home and upon entering the door, I knew if I was staying for lunch or not. Black-eyed peas taste like eating dirt. Cabbage, now that is just nasty.