Thursday, May 3, 2007

You Call THAT Advice???

I seldom read Dear Abby but in my perusal of the news headlines, I came upon this article. You can read it HERE. I guess I must admit it. I still get offended by the world's, and especially Abby's, warped sense of reality. Well, offended might not be the right word. Something more like dumb founded, horrified, amazed, get the picture? But it isn't just Abby but the girl in the article as well. The young lady tends to think that being forgiven means no consequences. A man who drives drunk and kills a family in a crash can be forgiven, but it will not bring back the family or undo the horrible hurt visited upon that family. But that is another blog.

This line is what struck me as ranking in the worst advice I have ever seen given.
Cross Chris off your list as husband material."

In my estimation, the fact that Chris IS a virgin and wants to marry A virgin is a sign of being "husband material". He is faithful before marriage, he will tend to be faithful after marriage. And what, may I ask you, could be one of the chief qualifications that we OUGHT to be looking for in a spouse? Might I suggest--Fidelity to God. Now I am going to assume a whole lot here but please allow it for the moment. If Chris is faithful to God in waiting until marriage, does it not stand to reason that his faithfulness to God is what is going to be the trademark of his life. Chris will find himself in many situations in the future, as I'm sure he has in the past, that challenge or tempt his integrity. If Chris esteems integrity before God the ULTIMATE standard, whoever marries Chris will find a faithful spouse for life. It seems that Abby does not view fidelity as important to marriage. And yes, without a doubt, I am saying that fidelity BEFORE marriage is just as important as fidelity AFTER marriage.

The young lady also states that she has had a "conversion" experience. If that is true, why is she not seeking the counsel of God and the Scriptures first, and then other "Godly" counsel, which Abby is most certainly NOT! Instead of admiring and respecting a man who has convictions and considers them important enough to give warrant to deep introspection before he realigns them, he is castigated as being a hypocrite both by the young lady and Abby. I really question the young lady's fitness to be Chris' wife, NOT Chris' fitness to be her husband.

Chris, whoever you are, I say to you that you really need to give great thought and consideration to the fact that this appears in Dear Abby instead of behind the closed doors of a pastor's office or christian counselor. While none of us are perfect, she has shown herself to seek the wrong kind of counsel to which your marriage to her will be subjected should you two actually marry.

If that's what he wants, it's his privilege -- provided he can find one."
This too Chris is just a lie from Satan to get you to violate your fidelity to God. Do not doubt for a moment that God has a spouse for you. Chris, there is a Proverbs 31 woman for you. Keep trusting God!

Finally Chris, it is not necessarily your view on sex that does not bode well for the future, it is the young lady's idea of who is right to go to for counseling.

Proverbs 31:30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

PS: Abby, just stick to telling people which fork to use at dinner!

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