Sunday, February 17, 2008


Check out this LINK where sir dunks-a-lot spewed garbage from the dumpster. Uh Charles, you have done what you declare that the conservative Christians have done. But, it is all well and good when the Left does it for after all, the rules only apply to the Right, at least that is the way the Left would have it.

I also guess that by Charles' logic, liberals are the real Christians. Charles, a real Christian is one who follows JESUS CHRIST. And in case you have not heard, Jesus did tell people to go and sin no more, which means that they were sinning. But He did not come to condemn sinners to hell, He came to save sinners from hell and part of that saving surely means that the Christian now follows Jesus as master and not sinful lifestyles. This means, Charles, that abortion is a sin that can be forgiven but it is sin none-the-less. This means, Charles, that homosexuality is a sin that can be forgiven but it is sin none-the-less. Making sin legal or illegal, Charles, does not make it any less or any more sinful.

Stick to giving basketball tips, Charles. It is obvious you know nothing of the Word of God.

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