Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Bubba is doing well all things considered. In fact, considering the grace of God, Bubba has a new lease on life. We are praying that infection will not set in and we are doing all within our ability to ensure that it does not but our dependence is upon the Lord. Below is a link to 2 pics of his leg. WARNING: They may be graphic to some.

Thank you all for your prayers and Praise God for His goodness.

To Pics.


selahV said...

what a miracle! selahV

Luke said...

Mrs. V,
Had he been trying to do that, it would most probably have failed. Without going into all the details, had it not happened this way, his friend that was sitting nearby may have been hit by the ricochet. Instead, it was caught by the top edge of his rubber boots he was wearing and when it ricocheted inside of them, it went into his leg the second time. We are very thankful to God that Bubba was the only one hurt and we are very thankful to God that all the vitals were missed, and two times in a row at that. We are blessed with this miracle. Praise the Lord.