Monday, February 18, 2008


I and my family are asking that you pray with us for our son Bubba. He was cleaning his gun yesterday and shot himself in the leg. The bullet entered and exited his leg twice running along a downward angle. The Lord was gracious to us in that no arteries were severed and the bone was not hit. This alone is a miracle but the bullet is another miracle. It did not do as it was designed to do. It was a 40 calilber hollow point that failed to mushroom. The bullet actually landed in his boot. We are thanking and praising God that all is well but we are also asking that no infection results. We will be visiting the surgeon later today to double check the work of the ER doctor. He has at least a month of recovery ahead of him but praise God we still have him. I'll be out more so this week than normal but I appreciate your prayers.


selahV said...

What a miracle! God knew your need before you even asked. He knew that hollow-point needed to be a dud. whew...praise His holy name! will be praying. selahV

Grosey's Messages said...

WOW.. bro Luke you are all in our prayers. Your son now has a substantive miracle to reflect on throughout his life.

Luke said...

Mrs. V,
Thank you for your prayers. We are not in the waiting game for healing. Cleaning the wounds 2x a day to keep the infection out is not the best for either myself or him but sometimes, healing hurts. I think there is a sermon in there somewhere. Thanks for your concerns.

He's going to make a necklace out of the bullet as a reminder of God's grace. I thank the Lord for His kindness and pray that my son will gain much from reflecting on this situation. Thank you for your prayers.

Bart Barber said...

Like Steve (who kicked my rear in my stock market game) said, WOW!