Wednesday, November 11, 2009


OUTRAGEOUS is the only way that I can describe THIS news article.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if a "white" man had done this to a "black" woman, hate crime, amidst other tags would have been affixed to this news item. The hypocrisy running so rampant in this nation is so blatant that the blind can see it. Only those with their heads stuck in the sand will miss the implications of how this event is being handled.

Wake up America! Physical violence of this nature should not be tolerated IRRESPECTIVE to the color, socio-economic status, gender, orientation or religion of the abused. Let Justice continue to be blind and justice will be served. There is NO NEED to attach "hate" to any crime. An injustice perpetrated is injustice without regard or need for any caveats. Thus, to set apart certain groups with special rights and special status is both unnecessary and a discredit to what it means to be faithful to justice.

The Mainstream Media is manipulating and driving an agenda that will result not in equality and fairness, but rather is motivated to overthrow all that is good and exalt all that is evil. Their hypocrisy is glaringly evident in the way that stories of this nature are covered. And speaking of hypocrites, if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are truly so concerned about social justice, why aren't they spouting their rhetoric that this man is in error and needs to be sharply reprimanded by the loss of his job? Oh that's right! I forgot for a moment. The criminal is black. The blame, by default, rests upon the "white".



Jack said...

Some localities either refuse or don't have the monet to finance a trial, so they say, so there has to be a vehicle in these circustances for the Feds to step in and hold these smucks feet to the fire. Wake up. Where have you been !

Luke said...

If you are asking "where I have been" as in why haven't I posted for a while, I've been busy with ministry, gardening and had a nasty bout with a virus.

In regards to the first part of your comment, to me it is rather obvious why the localities do not address this. It is because the MSM does not make it an issue. In other words, it is typically the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.