Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Way Back Wednesday
Emma Goldman, also known as "Red Emma", is a name with which most are not familiar.  She was born in Russia in 1869 to a poor Jewish family.  In 1885, she ended up in Rochester, New York and would eventually become heavily involved in the anarchist movement which is basically a movement that does not think government nor laws are necessary.  She also championed the ideas of atheism, free love and homosexuality.  You should easily be able to make the connection of atheism and those ideas.

Goldman was a strong pursuer of equality of the sexes and equal rights.  While it is true that women working in the factories were ill treated, Goldman used that ill treatment to champion a cause to try and win equal rights for women.  One of her paths to do that was the birth control movement.  She believed that pregnancy was a hindrance to women improving their lives and achieving financial and sexual equality.  In other words, she rebelled against God's Word that children are a blessing from the LORD.  She would go on to become mentor to a name that most of you should be familiar with, Margaret Sanger.  Sanger is the founder of the organization that would become Planned Parenthood whose early beginnings sought to eradicate black babies, poor babies and any other class of citizen that she deemed disdainful.

Goldman would be arrested in 1917 for protesting America's involvement in WWI and after two years in prison, she would be deported back to Russia.

Goldman was a godless and lawless woman, a female antichrist if you will.  She makes history today because 100 years ago this week, on February 11, 1916, she was arrested for giving speeches about birth control and distributing materials associated with birth control.  I am quite sure that were she alive today, she would be giddy with joy at the abortion movements success but of this God's Word assures us, she is not giddy in hell and it is too late for her to admit that she was following the path of the Adversary, the Slanderer, the Devil.

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