Thursday, September 17, 2009


Nancy Pelosi is nothing but a hypocrite. Not ONCE was it ever reported that she spoke out against the members of her own party who publicly defamed and denounced Bush using rhetoric straight from the gutter. And NOW??? she wants to spew this type of hypocrisy. Read HERE. Puleeeease. Clean your own "House", pun intended, then tell me how to clean mine.

One step worse though is her banal attempt to distort the issue but not connecting it with racism this time but instead, attempting to connect disagreement with Obama to the homosexual movement of the 70's.

Nancy Pelosi, you need a teleprompter and a speech writer to prevent you from showing your true colors. You have no substance so you turn to Carter and the charge of racism and now a feeble attempt to connect the anti-socialist movement to the anti-gay of the 70's. This charge will stick to us like eggs stick to a Teflon skillet. Just won't do it.

C'mon Pelosi, stick to the issue rather than slinging mud. But it appears that is all you are capable of doing is smear and slinging. This is why ya'll are such miserable failures. You have NO SUBSTANCE!


selahV said...

ah, now, Luke. she ain't worth this much type. :)

Just a few more weary days, and then... selahV

Luke said...

I wonder if her radar picked up on my blog and said the same thing?

But I really wish they'd actually debate the issues rather than use flash-in-a-pan techniques to distract the observer.

Soon and very soon....