Monday, September 28, 2009


You know, sometimes, you read an article and you shake your head saying, "no, this simply cannot be true". Hopefully, this article will be proven to have been false but I would not bet on it.

Representative Kennedy of Rhode Island wants those with STD's and abortions on their records to be able to have those kept out of the Health Care Database. So what he is really saying is this. If you are an immoral person, you need to be able to keep your health care secret. We only need to keep track of those darn moral people who believe sex is for marriage and children are a blessing.

Just another move by liberal democrats to seek to exercise complete control of all morality exalting the evil, while abhorring the good.

On a side note, extending the education day by 3 hours is another one of those attempts to completely brain wash your children and grandchildren. If the classroom time was actually being spent teaching the children reading comprehension, writing, math and science instead of learning songs to praise Obama, I'd be willing to bet that the test scores of our students would all go up.

WAKE UP Americans!!! Socialistic Fascism is on the move.

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