Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If disagreeing with President Barak Obama makes one a racist, then I must be a racist. There is VERY LITTLE that I presently agree with him about the way he is proposing to take this country. In THIS article on Bloomberg, Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson, former President Jimmy Carter, and other unnamed black lawmakers attributed Joe Wilson's outburst to racism.

If this had happened to former President George W. Bush, the whole outburst would not have even been given a second glance by the aforementioned "scholars on racism". This whole brouhaha is nothing but politics. Pure, bitter, partisan politics. It demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party as a whole who say they oppose racism while it is demonstrable that THEY are the ones who seem to not be able to see past President Obama's blackness.

Again, if disagreeing with Obama makes one a racist, then I must be one.

In this case, however, it seems that those who are raising the biggest stink about this are the racists.


selahV said...

Luke, I told Bob that last nite when I first heard this. Guess we are all racists now if we use Carter's gauge to measure us. So is Carter a racist because he is for the Palestinians and not Israel? selahV

Luke said...

Mrs. V,

In an unguarded moment I'd probably respond and say that Carter is a complete buffoon. I'll not go there though.:)

I've not been able to figure Carter out though if one were to examine Carter's policies towards Israel, I think it would be more accurate to say that he is an anti-Semite. He is completely social in all of his theology and that blinds him to truth.

Helping the truly homeless is one thing. Building a house for the lazy is not Biblical. Feeding the hungry is one thing. Feeding the hungry who are too lazy to work for food is not Biblical.

He definitely is pro-Palestinian and I would conjecture that he is ANTI conservative America. He was completely impotent against the hijackers during his tenure. But the moment Reagan was elected, the terrorists suddenly wanted out. I think there is more to Carter's motivation than any of us understand. He is either completely confused or he is completely nefarious.

And as I heard on talk radio yesterday, when they trot Carter out, you know the battle is lost.:)

selahV said...

"When they trot Carter out...", desperation knows no bounds. selahV

Luke said...

And during desperation, people will do anything, even going so far as to call people who disagree with Obama on substance as racists. PATHETIC!

selahV said...

the hypocrisy of Carter is amazing. if he is so worried about racism, why didn't he appoint more African Americans to his cabinet when he was President? One woman. that's it. He had his chance to change stuff. He didn't. So today, he paints everyone else with his broad brush of prejudice. Puhleeze!